The destruction of a cosmopolitan city, 1900-1922


Soundtrack by Nikos Platyrachos for the movie by Maria Iliou.

Fairy tales often entail true stories. In the hands of Maria Iliou, however, a true story becomes a fairy tale, a poem, a confession. The destruction of Smyrna, which has so incurably marked our country, takes the form of a dream which unfolds beautifully and effortlessly. A dream comprising its own scents, flavors, music, days and nights, its people with their graces and weaknesses, until the tragic conclusion of this dream comes, the disastrous nightmare, with the reasons of its ending having simultaneously and objectively been embossed.



1. Opening credits
2. Waltz
3. Woman from Smyrna I
4. Kalamatianos
5. Armenian I
6. Hasapikos
7. Tiki-Tiki-Tak
8. Dance band
9. Borrowed dance
10. Rigoletto (G. Verdi)
11. Venizelos in Paris
12. Woman from Smyrna II
13. Watch I
14. Watch II
15. On the battlefront
16. Retreat
17. The Destruction
18. Armenian II
19. Memory
20. End credits


Nikos Platyrachos: Piano
Vivi Geka: Mandolin
String Quartet: Alberg String Quartet
1st violin: Frank Shestani
2nd violin: Antonela Cefa
Viola: Lindita Nina
Violoncello: Vangjel Nina

Sound Recording: STUDIO MELISMA
Mixage: Ilias Lakkas, ODEON
Mastering: DPH – Petros Siakavellas

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