Nikos Platyrachos is collaborating with award-winning Swiss clarinetist and composer Claudio Puntin to create highly meditative, electroacoustic – ambient music inspired by silence. Based on three decades of friendship, this musical symbiosis is re-sensitizing cultural values and decomposing restrictions and borders.

Puntin and Platyrachos evolved a deeply chilled and breathful musical concept. The use of few but essential notes and precise live-electronics, elevates the music to a touching and calm ambient atmosphere. Two experienced artists in their most personal work, radically intimate and essentially wordless. All music is recorded live, in a peaceful environment, without overdubs and stress.

The album “SLOW” consists of 10 sensitive tracks with healing power for when life gets too fast.




1. slow 1 8:33
2. slow 2 3:58
3. slow 3 6:22
4. slow 4 2: 50
5. slow 5 5:17
6. slow 6 6:11
7. slow 7 6:01
8. slow 8 3:42
9. slow 9 4:58
10. slow 10 6:12

Claudio Puntin: Bass-Clarinet, Clarinet, Glockenspiel, Voice, Live sound processing
Nikos Platyrachos: Piano, Fender Rhodes

All music by Claudio Puntin and Nikos Platyrachos ,
except of 4 by Claudio Puntin and 8 by Nikos Platyrachos

Recorded at STUDIO MELISMA, ATHENS by Nikos Platyrachos
Mixed at CL-AUDIO STUDIO, BERLIN by Claudio Puntin
Mastered at CANDY BOMBER STUDIO, BERLIN by Ingo Krauss
Coverdesign, photo and drawing by Claudio Puntin

Produced by Claudio Puntin, 2020, 1,61 RECORDS

Copyright Nikos Platyrachos.
2019 ©. All rights reserved.

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