September is mainly a cinematic work -with a few exceptions, such as The Song of Manos and The Fools’ March. It all began in 1991 when a friend of mine, director Harry Patramanis, asked me to compose the music for his film “Flight into the Night”. Back then we were both students in Germany and it would be my first involvement in cinema. I confess I was quite nervous. But the project turned out to be a success and I have been writing music for European films ever since, the quintessence of which is September. It is a selection of musical themes I have chosen with care, which for a long time were persistently playing in my mind, until time’s passage molded this work into its present autumnal form.

The Orchestra of Colours
Conductor: Miltos Logiadis


1. Ifigenia’s
2. The Wandering Lover’s
3. The Rain’s
4. For Elise
5. The Fog’s
6. The Night’s
7. Expectation
8. Fellini’s
9. September
10. The Song of Manos
11. The Fullmoon’s
12. The Fools’ March


Guitar: Stella Kypraiou
Dulcimer: Angelina Tsacheva
Mandolin: Vivi Geka
Harp: Maria Bildea
Piano: Nikos Platyrachos


Nikos Platyrachos has orchestrated all songs except for “Fellini’s”, “From the Fog” and “The Wandering Lover’s” by Giannis Gkikas.

Production: Manos Vafeiadis, Nikos Platyrachos
Sound engineering: Studio Odeon, Ilias Lakkas
Midi programming: Dimitris Margetakis
24 bit Mastering: Chris Hatzistamou – Athens Mastering

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