Nur über meine Leiche
(Over My Dead Body)


Nur über meine Leiche (Over My Dead Body) is a 1995 German film directed by Rainer Matsutani, starring actors Christoph M. Ohrt , Katja Riemann, Ulrike Folkerts and Julia Brendler. The movie blends comedy with romance, as well as fantasy elements.

Nikos’s music contributes to the creation of different moods in the film. He creates lighter, playful motifs to capture its comic features, darker, strong and majestic tones highlighting the fantasy element and sweet, melodic, with controversial surprises, moods to accompany the romantic element. Nikos balances equally the comic and the suspenseful character of the movie.

For his soundtrack, Nikos was honored with the Federal Cinema Music Award at Filmmusiktage, Bonn, 1995.



1. Einleitung / Introduction 1:22
2. Charlottes Verschwörung / Charlotte’s Conspiracy 3:12
3. Auf Fährmanns Boot / In the Ferryman’s Boat 6:11
4. Das Geisterhaus / The House of Ghosts 1:11
5. Auf der Suche nach Barbara / Searching for Barbara 3:10
6. Eine Romantische Reue / A Romantic Remorse 1:17
7. Die Erlösung des Geistes / Ghosts’ Salvation 0:56
8. Lisas Thema / For Elise 1:10
9. Freds Auferstehung / Fred’s Resurrection 1:48
10. Charlottes Tod / Charlotte’s Death 1:21
11. Fährmanns Abschied / The Ferryman’s Farewell 1:18
12. Finale (Fred und Rita) 0:31
13. Probe für einen reizenden Abend / Rehearsal for a Promising Evening 2:29


Music by Nikos Platyrachos
Orchestra: Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Miltos Logiadis
Produced by Bavarian Broadcasting
Tonmeister: Bernhard Albrecht

CD Production: Bogner Records
CD Distribution: Sony Music

Copyright Nikos Platyrachos.
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