Soundtracks from three European Cinema movies: “Gefährliche Spiele” (“Dangerous Games” – directed by Adolf Winkelmann), “Aus dem Reich der Schatten” (“From the Realm of Shadows – directed by Rainer Matsutani) and “Flug in die Nacht” («Flight into the Night” – directed by Harry Patramanis). Music is performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Cologne Studio Orchestra respectively, under the direction of the composer and Miltos Logiadis.

Scenarios with the ambience of psychological thrillers, fiction novels with intense emotional impact and retro drama with poetic images and dreamlike mood, make up the diverse filmmaking of the movie “From the Realm of Shadows”.

The Czech Symphony Orchestra and the Munich Radio Symphony Orchestra are conducted by Miltos Logiadis. The Cologne Studio Orchestra is conducted by Nikos Platyrachos.



1. Introduction
2. Laura
3. Countryside
4. The bull-fight
5. The first meeting
6. The preparation
7. The crisis
8. Barcelona
9. The recovery
10. The sunrise
11. The suspicions
12. The foretastes
13. The explosion
14. The pursuit
15. Silence
16. Elegy
17. Epilogue

Director: Adolf Winkelmann

Cast: Gudrun Landgrebe, Nathaliel Parker Country of origin UK-Germany, 1994

 A psychological thriller about the troubled life of an English agent and assassin, who is considered to be officially dead. He has the perfect alibi to act undisturbed and without demur for his own interests. His relationship with two women (mother and daughter) accentuates the ruthlessness of his character. A typical Winkelmann film where the epic and subversive elements prevail.

Czech Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Miltos Logiadis




18. Escape
19. The entry
20. The train
21. The confession
22. The shadows
23. Epilogue
24. Rita (Clarinet solo: Claudio Puntin)

Director: Rainer Matsutani

Cast: Anne Kasprik, Leonard Lansink
Country of origin Germany, 1993

A fiction story which takes place in an undetermined time. A prisoner escapes. He is transported by train to a station that lies somewhere between life and death. He falls in love with a girl, who in her real life is in a coma. The dreamy mood of the script and its transcendental quality are distinctive traits of Matsutani’s work.

Munich Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Miltos Logiadis


25. Introduction
26. The meeting
27. The flight
28. Blindness
29. The separation
30. The parting
31. Silky touch (by Anno Lauten) Lyrics: Christos Malamas
32. Epilogue


Director: Harry Patramanis
Cast Annete von Klier, Robert Giggenbach
Country of origin Germany, 1991

Retro drama. The real love story of a flying instructor and his female student who lived in Chile during the 1930s. The impressive professional advancement of the student inflates her husband’s jealousy, who leads her by radio into a storm and to her subsequent death. A film of poetic images, hidden psychological dimensions and an unconventional director’s approach from Patramanis.

Cologne Studio Orchestra
Conductor: Nikos Platyrachos

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